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Architects Poynton


We offer a full range of residential architectural services, taking you from early concept to completion. Our high quality services include:



  • Alterations to Listed Buildings 

  • Barn Conversions

  • House Alterations and Extensions

  • New Bespoke Houses

  • Housing Schemes

  • House Refurbishment

  • Planning Applications and Advice

  • Sketch Schemes

  • Master Planning

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Construction Packages

  • Site Supervision 

Firstly we are pleased to provide a free of cost and committment initial consultation, to advise you on the best way forward with your project.


Whether you a first time home buyer or an experienced Housing developer, or somewhere in between, we can provide the appropriate service for you.

We can draw on a vast range of experience to help you find the right solution for your brief, and we can even help you with the Brief Development!


We can provide a Condition Survey of a property before you buy, which can give you an idea of the condition of the building, and a Maintenance Schedule indicating what elements are likely to need replacement or maintenance in the future, and how much that work is likely to cost.


We could assess the Development Potential of that property. A similar service is available to a housing developer, whereby we would analyse the site in question and prepare Sketch Proposals and a Feasibility Study to assess the profitablility of the site.


We are experienced in operating within the Planning System and so are able to advice on whether you need to make an application and, if you do, the likelihood of its success and how best to improve your chances.  Generally, having established a Budget Estimate for your project, and having agreed the brief, we would move on to produce the Design Drawings, and to prepare and submit your Planning Application.


Assuming Planning Approval is forthcoming, the next stage of the project is to prepare the Building Regulation Application, comprising a detailed package of information (Drawings and Specification) which will ensure that your project complies with the latest legislation eg sound, thermal and fire insulation, ventilation, drainage,  disabled access etc and is structurally sound. We are used to working alongside consultants, eg structural engineers, quantity surveyors, who may be required to complete the project documentation.


Once the Building Regulations stage is complete, most of our clients like us proceed to prepare a Tender Package which provides a higher 

level of detail, put together in such a way as to achieve competetive prices from Building Contractors. This could include detail of electrical, plumbing and heating installations, tiling and decoration schedule etc., as well as Conditions of Contract to suit the client. Over the years we have developed the writing of a Schedule of Works, which is a document detailing the construction process on a 'blow-by-blow' basis. This ensures that the Contractor should not miss anything when pricing the work, that the work description is clear and unambiguous, and that each work element is priced in sufficient detail that the client is able to see where his money is being spent, will be able to assess the value of work carried out at any given point, allowing him to omit parts of the work if he so desires, with the correct cost saving being achieved.


On receipt of the various tender from Contractors we would issue a Tender Report, which would analyse the comparitive merits of the bids from the Building Contractors, against the requirements of the client. Once the successful Building Contractor is appointed, we offer various possible levels of service to oversee the work if required;


Full Contract Administration. We visit the site to check that Construction Standards are accordance with the Contract, complete Stage Valuations and issue the Completion Certificate when the work is complete, as well as dealing with day to day issues that arise when handling a live project. We hand over the completed building to the client and administer release of any outstanding moneys and the Making Good of Defects Certificate.


On smaller domestic projects, with a recommended Building Contractor, we can offer a service whereby we make site visits only at the request of the client, to advise them on some specific aspect of the work.


For the Housing Developer, we are experienced in managing the housing development process from start to finish; this could involve drawing up of Deed Plans and an Estate Plan, organising SAP Calculations and Sound Tests, liaising with Building Inspectors or agents from warranty providers etc.

It shoud be clear from the above that there is an unlimted scope of service available from our practice, depending on our clients requirements.

ArmstrongArchtiects Ltd, Mottram House, Rainow Road, Macclesfield, SK10 2DT
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